FWU at Run-Off-Conference in Hamburg

15. Feb 2017

On February 14, the international insurance sector met at the 4th Run-off Conference in Hamburg. One of the high profile speakers of the conference was Dr. Manfred Dirrheimer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FWU AG.

He explained FWU's philosophy with respect to run-off. "Financial strength is not the only decisive factor for successfully taking over a portfolio", emphasized Dr. Manfred Dirrheimer. "What is more important is the capability to adapt in regards to the restructuring of a run-off portfolio, especially an improved administrative efficiency."

What is particularly important for FWU regarding the takeover of portfolios or companies is that there is an organisational and cultural fit with the existing business. "FWU's IT is highly flexible, therefore organisational inefficiencies do not discourage us", says Dr. Dirrheimer. "We are interested in companies offering potential for acquisitions in Europe, Middle and Far East. We have good market knowledge in these markets." An important selection factor is the product structure: FWU focuses especially on portfolios with unit-linked life insurance without capital investment guarantees.

In the past three years, FWU AG was able to acquire and largely integrate life insurance portfolios from France and Luxembourg as well as former Skandia Austria and Fortuna Liechtenstein for the company. Further acquisitions are planned.



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