Data protection

The protection of personal data is an important matter to us. Therefore our activities are in accordance with applicable statutory provisions to protect personal data and to guarantee data security. Please learn below what information we collect where required, how we handle it and to whom we might make it available.

Personal data

We do not collect any personal data (e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses) via our websites unless you voluntarily provide us (e.g. by registration or survey) and respectively agreed to it, or unless it is in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions about protection of personal data.


The personal data you provided us is used in general to respond to your requests, to deal with your orders or to access you special information or offers. We respect it if you do not want to leave your personal data for customer relations, especially for direct marketing or for marketing research. We will not sell your personal data to a third party or market it otherwise.

Earmarked disposition of data

Your online-provided personal data will only be collected, processed, and used for purposes you were notified about. Exceptions may occur if the survey, processing, or use

  • is for a purpose directly connected with the original purpose for that you provided your personal data
  • is essential for the preparation, negotiation and completion of a contract with you
  • is required for legal obligations or official order
  • is necessary for the creation or protection of legal claims or the defence against legal actions
  • serves to the prevention of misuse or other illegal activities, e.g. deliberate exploit of our system, to guarantee the safety of personal data.

Specifications regarding communication and use

When you access our website by telecommunications services, specifications regarding communication (e.g. Internet protocol address) and use (e.g. details about start of usage, duration of usage as well as telecommunications services you use) are being created automatically by technical means. This data may allow conclusions on your personal data. Unless the survey, procession and use of your specifications regarding communication and use are not compulsory, they are subject to legal data protection regulations.

Automatically collected non-personal data

When you are accessing our website, occasionally there will be automatically collected (thus not by registration) information that are not attributed to a certain person (e.g. Internet browser and operating system, domain name of the website that you visited before, number of visits on this site, average dwell time, accessed pages). We use that information to investigate the attractiveness of our websites as well as to improve its contents and service capability.

"Cookies” – Information automatically stored on your processor

When you are accessing our website we may store information on your processor in form of a “cookie” that we will recognise automatically at your next visit on our website. Cookies enable us to adapt our website to your interests or to save your password that you do not have to re-enter it at your next visits. If you do not want us to recognise your computer, please configurate your Internet-browser to delete all cookies from your hard disk, to block all cookies or to warn you before saving a cookie.



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