Expertise in Takaful Products

FWU Group also grasps the opportunities provided by unit-linked life insurance for our Takaful products, which have been developed for Muslim clients. These differ from traditional products that we offer in Europe essentially in three ways: limited choice of investments, death risk assessment and degree of transparency.

Sharia Compliant Offering

Takaful products are in compliance with the demands of Sharia, or Muslim law. They make it possible for people of Muslim faith to enjoy the full benefits of life insurance. Sharia forbids trading and investing in weapons, gambling, pork and certain other fields of business. In many ways, it limits the investment risk.

Sharia also forbids the European insurance practice of assessing a potential client's mortality. Gambling is not allowed in the Islamic doctrine, and the Islamic religious leaders consider the European concept to be a bet on the life of another person. In order to meet these requirements, FWU Group had to develop an entirely new risk management system and integrate it into the product.

Transparency for our Clients

According to Sharia law, clients have the right to complete transparancy regarding insurance products. If insurance terms are not understood by the policyholder, the policy can be rendered null and void at any time. Transparency, or "Gharar" in Arabic, is a key factor, which also entails that all costs related to Arabic products have to be disclosed in detail. FWU Group also has a pioneering role in this field, as we have been able to implement Sharia structures within a Wakalah model in such a way that they are controllable for the company, while also providing attractive and conventional life insurance solutions to our clients.



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