We are one corporate family

FWU is a specialized unit-linked life insurance and financial service provider, whose offering ranges from highly efficient IT systems and big data investment solutions to commission factoring and refinancing expertise. We provide tailor-made solutions for our distributors to satisfy the end customer.

FWU Success Story

In 1983, our founder and CEO Dr. Manfred Dirrheimer established FWU as "Forschungsgesellschaft für Wettbewerb- und Unternehmens-
organisation" (in English: a research association for competition and business organization), laying the foundation for a success story of more than 30 years. With our 12 offices in Europe and Asia, we have grown from a Munich-based consultancy firm to a product innovator in the German life insurance market and ultimately to a global player in the life insurance sector. We, as FWU, act independently and build our company strategy on rapid yet sustainable growth, just as family businesses should.


FWU's story is built on a strong network of partners surrounding FWU. Working with the best-in-class suppliers, FWU's success has never been bound by geography or political borders. Anticipating the benefits of financial hubs such as Luxembourg and Dubai, FWU has always trusted local talents and expertise in all our markets. Innovative tariff structures and investement solutions developed in Germany and Austria, and later on in France and Italy, paved the way for FWU's success. While our competitors diversified their product offering, we always stayed true to our core competence, unit-linked life insurance, and leveraged this expertise to expand into new markets. Thanks to our efficient management and our strong network of partners, we entered into the Family Takaful business in 2000. 

Ever since, we have been a service provider for several banks and an innovator in the Middle and Far East. Today, our offices span the globe from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in the East, to Madrid (Spain) in the West.


FWU has a long history of growth, consisting of over 20 entities today. In 1999, FWU purchased 75 percent of ATLANTICLUX, a Luxembourg-based life insurance company. Over the years, FWU has developed competencies such as pre-financing commission factoring (FWU Factoring), high-tech asset management solutions (FWU Invest) and avant-garde IT systems. It is also in our DNA to grow by integrating existing companies and portfolios into FWU, as we did with Skandia Austria in 2016. Because of our superior digital capabilities, all of our entities are perfectly integrated to efficiently create value for our customers along the entire value chain. This made it possible for us, as FWU, to support our local distribution network in their growth strategy as a trustworthy, approachable partner for both the distributor and the end customer.



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