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We are a different kind of life insurer

FWU has a unique way of working and a unique identity: we are a tech company with people at its heart. Since the day FWU AG was founded, in Munich in 1983, we have combined agile, progressive thinking with the values of a family-run company. Here are four points, fundamental to our philosophy, which guide our relations with each of our 1,000,000 customers worldwide:

We harness the power of technology to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and security for your investments. This core belief gives us an edge in several ways.

Technology is embedded in our DNA

FWU started out by helping others innovate and we haven’t stopped since, constantly striving to become even better. Now, with more than 100 of around 500 employees being IT specialists, we have such a highly-skilled pool of solution-seekers that we can find innovative products, investments and tools for every customer.

We implement our innovations

Sure, all companies consider themselves innovative, but we have the track record to prove it. Our technology has been tried, tested and proven. Examples? Our customers have been signing their policies electronically via tablets for over 10 years. In fact, our commitment to innovation runs so deep that you could think of us as an advanced IT house, as much as a life insurance company.

Our easy-to-use tools put you in the driver's seat

FILOS, our all-in one digital platform, connects you to our highly-qualified advisors, ensuring that you can benefit from both personal advice and algorithm-based technological analysis at any moment. And every customer can remain informed and empowered with our Customer Portal, which provides everything needed to monitor investments and steer through supposedly tricky financial markets.

Our technology keeps you secure

We have over 40 years of experience in keeping our customers’ personal data safe; we store and process it in our own high-security data centers. All our systems and tools are certified and audited by the biggest auditing firms. And, of course, we pass their tests with flying colors.

We specialize in one thing. Offering flexible, innovative and high-yielding potential life insurance products worldwide. We have stayed true to this for over 40 years.

Unit-linked life insurance with the broadly defined regulatory frame of Luxembourg is the perfect way for investors to benefit from cutting-edge technology. Our degree of specialization puts us at the forefront of innovation in this area, and allows us to offer you truly world-class life insurance products.

We are an independent, privately-owned, family-run company, a status that ensures sustainability in everything we do.

For us, independence provides the freedom to act and advise with the same long-term thinking reflected in our products. It also means we are still driven by the same start-up mentality that motivated our founder, Dr. Manfred Dirrheimer, to start FWU in 1983. For you, it means knowing that your life insurance company reports only to you, not Wall Street shareholders.

Numbers beat instinct, for us and our clients since 2003.

A “Quant Approach” may sound something from a science fiction movie, but we believe it has huge benefits in the real world. Why? In short, it involves making objective investment decisions based on the analysis of numbers, rather than hunches of self-appointed finance gurus. We use a state-of-the-art algorithm to observe the market 24/7 and analyze market shifts in real time.

Our investment approach is not all about data, though. It is adapted to the preferences of each customer. We start with an in-depth analysis of your goals, investment preferences and risk appetite. Then we categorise the result into a strategy that is suitable to your profile. In this way our advanced quant technology really does have people – you, our customers – at its heart.

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