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Every “you” is different

And so are the people we are looking for. We are Forward You – a pioneering provider of unit-linked life insurance, IT and financial services.

We are active globally - and you would be too. This is why our company language is English and we are happy to provide you with information about FWU on this page in English.

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About us

FWU is an experienced pioneer

As a ‘grown-up start-up’ our mindset allows us to constantly revolutionise the insurance and financial industry. We deliver on our promise by producing ground-breaking technological solutions to drive the efficiency of our workflow. We ensure value by placing our customer’s financial success at the heart of everything we do. This represents Forward You.

A winning formula

At FWU, we are proud of our independence. Since the beginning, we have approached our business with a spirit of innovation: we embraced digital technology and developed powerful new tools to boost efficiency, such as pioneering digital client databases in Germany. Driven by creativity and boldness, we worked closely with our clients to develop customised insurance products. Thanks to the success of this combination, FWU has grown from a boutique consultancy into an internationally respected provider of specialised unit-linked life insurance and financial services.

Many strengths, one mindset

Today, FWU is a global enterprise with 10 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, offering a broad range of financial services, technical skills and market-specific products. Nonetheless, we maintain a laser-like focus on treating every customer as an individual. Unified under one global brand – Forward You – every one of our locations and divisions shares this mindset. Our clients’ trust and independence are our highest priority. We can draw on the expertise of a deep pool of specialist talent to shape the financial products that our clients want.
From mathematicians and data scientists to IT specialists and customer service assistants – when it comes to security and superior investment results, our staff’s strengths become our customers’ strengths.

We revolutionise

We believed from day one that unique and creative thinking about financial products leads to better performance. That is why we build our financial products differently by using superior technologies to maximise the benefit structure for our clients every single day.

We deliver

We are a tech company with people at heart. With everything we do, technology drives the superiority of our solutions. At FWU, we breathe technology to tackle clients’ needs and face changing regulations in the most sophisticated possible way.

We ensure value

We are an independent people’s business eager to establish long-lasting financial relationships based on partnership and the responsibility of those in charge. Our independence gives us the freedom to focus on the needs of our clients and our specialisation allows us to react accordingly.

How do we work at FWU?
What is the key to FWU’s success? Is it our IT knowhow, our investment algorithm or our secure data centres?

The answer: it is our people.
They are the entrepreneurs, problem-solvers and creative thinkers who drive our success. They come from 37 countries, speak more than 40 languages, and they make FWU one corporate family. The biggest group of employees comes from Pakistan, followed by Germany, Austria and Italy.

From the start, we have focused on building a team around people who think outside of the box and make change happen. We are proud of our history of nurturing disruptive ideas, and we encourage people to express their entrepreneurial spirit. Organisationally, FWU trusts local experts combined with global expertise, ensuring that decision-making processes are kept short and efficient, and that good ideas get the attention they deserve. Although we operate more than 14 different entities in 10 different locations, we have built a strong corporate culture across three continents, helping to make our international collaborative projects genuinely productive.

So are you tired of doing the same things every day without a passionate team?

Then FWU is a company made for you. We believe people thrive when challenged. We have seen the results when we mix our insurance specialists with experts from completely different industries and skill sets. We value the productivity and innovation that arises from teams of different age groups and cultural backgrounds. We know that a truly innovative company needs a culture of eagerness, respect and direct feedback. We are never afraid to challenge a colleague to try new approaches and find better solutions.

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People at FWU

Behind the curtain of making innovation happen

After all you spend more time with your colleagues than your family. We at FWU believe it is therefore important to share moments together besides meetings and workshops. One of the reasons why we cannot wait for the pandemic to be over is that we are looking forward to spending time with our colleagues again – from all locations.

We grow together in two ways:

Come together

It is a part of FWU’s identity to bring people together and this also means networking beyond your everyday team. FWU has therefore always invested in creating settings for colleagues to meet. Every other year FWU brings together all colleagues in Europe to celebrate Christmas together while holding a strategy conference. Local festivities are also marked, such as a visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich or the national celebration day in Luxembourg.

As one family

Since our foundation in 1983, FWU has celebrated a unique Christmas party – the children’s Christmas party. Every year employees are invited to bring their whole family to the office and show them around - even Santa usually says hi and gives prizes to carol singers or for instrument performances. Families can meet and new friendships are made.

Think Global, Act Local

FWU sees itself as a group of experienced pioneers. Global expertise is therefore used to bring market leading products and technology to markets from Spain to Malaysia.

Our headquarters are where all the pieces come together. We operate all services that span the group, such as legal, IT, marketing, HR and finance. But specialisms like factoring and treasury also operate from our newly established HQ in the south of Munich.

Our second-biggest office, in Luxembourg, is home to FWU Life Lux and FWU Invest. From here, we operate the asset management for all FWU and service over 200,000 FWU Life Lux clients. Besides central functions such as HR, we also manage finance and the administration for France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany from here.

The Austrian capital is home to FWU Life Austria. FWU Life Austria has been part of FWU since 2016 and operates administration, HR, finance and IT, among others.

The Paris office has been an integral part of the European expansion of FWU. From here, we service our distribution partners in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Madrid is our most westerly location. There is a branch of both FWU Life Lux, servicing 30,000 clients in Spain, and FWU AG, working with our distribution partners in Spain and Portugal.

Home to FWU Life Lux, servicing almost 100,000 Italian clients, FWU AG also has a branch in our Milan office, working on training and advising distribution partners.

Both FWU Takaful and FWU Tech operate their business out of our regional headquarters in Dubai. Working with banks to insure our clients, FWU Takaful operates across the UAE and the whole region. FWU Tech builds technology like Filos (FWU internet-based life insurance online system) or our customer portal.

Some of our brightest minds work in Karachi, building technology and making innovation happen.

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