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Because your satisfaction is our top priority and your feedback is a reflection of our offerings and services. When you share your experience with FWU, you help investors better understand our business and our solutions. In addition, by leaving your feedback, you help us improve our services every day, so that we can offer you the best possible performance and support. Our goal? Your satisfaction. That's why we get up every morning.

Our clients give our services a 4.4/5 rating. (290 reviews, 12/05/2021)

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Just as our clients trust our products to secure their future, our broker partners trust us to help them grow their business. That's because we go the extra mile, offering our clients and distribution partners the best IT, investment, financial engineering and value-added solutions in the market. This approach has been recognized with several awards, including:

Recognitions and Awards Received:

As a repeated winner, FWU was awarded once more in 2022 by the Capital Finance International (CFI.co) magazine in the category

"Best Long-Term Savings Solutions Europe"

We are especially happy about this acknowledgment, as it confirms our biggest strength: creating transparent and customer-centric, long-term insurance-based investment products based on concrete customer needs.

FWU was recognized by the prestigious Capital Finance International (CFI.co) magazine in 2018 for the quality of its unit-linked portfolio, FWU was ranked

"Best unit-linked portfolio"

in Europe, recognizing our range of European solutions, designed in perfect alignment with our clients' individual goals and needs.

If you'd like to learn more about how FWU leverages its technology strength and investment expertise to serve its B2B clients and partners, visit our Enterprise Solutions page.

Our customers give their opinion

We place our customers at the heart of our mission. As the driving force behind our business, their feedback is our greatest reward and helps us improve our offerings and services every day. Find out what our customers say about us here:

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I have been a client for 2 years now and I have absolutely nothing to say about the follow-up of my pension savings and my long-term life insurance because this company informs well on everything! FWU offers many advantages but only if you go to the end of the contract as normally explained in detail at the appointment. My broker explained everything to me and I go entirely through him for any questions or administrative formalities and I have nothing negative to say unlike my former contract in a bank.

Lieve (Source : Google)
FWU 5 Star Rating

Excellent company, with very good service!!! My mother has been a customer for 1 year now and she is very satisfied with the service. With a good broker, your service will be impeccable! I would recommend this company 10000/100 ;)

Emmanuel (Source : Google)
FWU 5 Star Rating

For people who have a minimum of knowledge, their product is innovative because of the financial management, the Luxembourg super privilege and the additional guarantees in the contract. I have 2 contracts in Belgium and I am very happy with them! I have a minimum contact 1-2 times a year with my advisor and he reacts to my requests. I recommend this product which is much better than many classic Belgian companies.

Geoffrey (Source : Google)
FWU 4 Star Rating
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Our partner brokers give their opinion

Our distribution partners are available to give you the best advice and help you choose the right solution for you. What does our collaboration look like? They tell you everything here:

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FWU's main assets are its efficient, responsive and available back-office team and its outstanding training modules, which enable me to advise my clients as well as possible on the entire FWU product range. This German group stands out for its expertise and professionalism, and offers its clients transparent and secure solutions.

Alexandre (Source: 2018 survey)
FWU 5 Star Rating

I am in direct contact with the FWU teams in Paris and Luxembourg, who are distinguished by their friendliness and the quality of their customer service. Two words that perfectly describe FWU: "professionalism" and "proximity" even with the management, who always make themselves available. These are qualities that are truly unique in the market, and which are extremely appreciated.

Jérôme (Source: 2018 survey)
FWU 5 Star Rating

In over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, I have never worked with a more caring and attentive partner than FWU. They are a family-owned company that knows how to take care of their clients and partners, and they don't just see us as numbers. In addition, they offer unique solutions in the market that combine protection and long-term investments so that our clients can save money and prepare for retirement with peace of mind.

Frédérique (Source: 2018 survey)
FWU 5 Star Rating
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