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Forward Lucy: The first investment fund of its kind
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Introducing an ambitious investment fund that combines a novel approach to client relationships with a unique systematic investment strategy.

It is one of a kind!

Forging a new client relationship with Lucy

Lucy sets a new benchmark for how asset managers should treat their clients. Gone are the days of high, unjust fees and a lack of transparency.

Welcome to a new era of fair pricing, complete transparency, and a love for communication.

How does the pricing work?

Very simply, the underlying idea is that Lucy only makes money when you make money – we’re in this together! Other asset managers don’t do this – they will take their fees, even if they did not perform well.

This means that if Lucy’s European Equities for example generate negative performance in a given year, then our management fee will be reduced. Only when we generate positive performance, then Lucy’s management fee goes up to a max. of 1,85 %.

In a nutshell, we want to align our interests with you.

Your success is Lucy’s success

What is this complete transparency all about?

It means Lucy is completely open with you. It means no more ‘black box’ investing where you have no idea what is going on with your money.

With Lucy, you have full insight into what is happening to your investments. You can see all the investments you hold through Lucy, what kind of countries are being selected, the currency allocations and the sectors you own.

You want full transparency? Try out our interactive graphic!

Below, you can get a sense of what this transparency means in practice. Try playing around with our interactive graphic. It’s like an x-ray, with which you can see right through Lucy. Heard some positive news about a company? Check if you own it via Lucy!

  • Pick any of the Forward Lucy funds to see the specific details

  • Select a past month to read our market commentary and see how we adapt the asset allocation to changing market conditions

  • Deep dive into the holdings of the funds and select a date to retrace Lucy’s development in the past

Tip: By keeping the Ctrl-key pressed, you can filter multiple holdings, countries, currencies or sectors at the same time to make your own analysis.

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What about communication?

Anything you may wish to see or analyse, you can here. Lucy is an open book, with absolutely nothing to hide.

Searching for a smarter equity fund with fairer pricing? Meet Lucy.

Five words: Lucy is there for you.

Lucy loves to talk and write, meaning you can be constantly updated on what is happening to your investment, be that good or bad. Indeed, if the performance isn’t going well in a certain period, you will get an answer to what is going on.

Compared to other asset managers, Lucy does not bury her head in the sand and hope you don’t ask any questions. Quite the opposite: she will tell you straight how it is.

We want to leave no open questions. No matter how small of an investor you are, if you have a question or a comment, you will be heard.

Lucy invests differently

On top of the pricing, transparency and communication, what makes Lucy special is the way she invests.

Underlying Lucy is a constantly evolving state-of-the-art algorithm, which has many different aspects. The central one, though, is what we call the ‘sentiment scanner’.

With it, we can determine the mood currently in the markets. Yes, economic data and politics are important to how markets behave, but crucially what is more important is how the market thinks about these things.

Perception is key. As the market feels increasingly euphoric, prices will trend up. When gloom starts to set in, the trend goes down. With Lucy’s approach, we can understand what the emotional state of the market is.

So, how does it work?

Lucy does it by analysing all the economic news from around the world and by dissecting the patterns of the text, tells us what kind of emotional state currently prevails. It’s quite something!

You can see this on had of an example below, relating to Japan.

03 Japan economic news example

The article comes in and the algorithm automatically files it under Japan. Then it also recognises this is about the trade balance – meaning the difference between imports and exports – and most importantly, tells us that this is a positive, upbeat article. Exports are rising in Japan, which, all things equal, is a good thing!

This is only one article. Lucy has thousands of these coming through every day, from across all major countries and sectors. Using this algorithm, Lucy can literally analyse and interpret millions of articles a year.

The result is that we can build a holistic picture – encompassing all countries and sectors from around the globe – and thus know how the market is ‘feeling’.

And knowing how the market is feeling, allows us to currently position the fund and thereby help you make money!

Lucy really is the first of its kind. She forges ahead with a completely new way to approach you – the client. And also comes with a pioneering investment engine, which helps you achieve your savings goals.

Join us on Lucy’s journey!
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