February 10, 2022

30 min read

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FWU Investment Webinar - February 2022

Join us on the tour of monthly investment updates!

These webinar series will drive you through the multifaceted world of investments and your money.

You will learn about
  • Drivers behind the surge in stocks

  • New strains of Covid-19 and what they mean for markets

  • A Chinese economic slowdown and its wider impact

  • The return of inflation

  • Impacts on the Forward Quant funds

You will meet our special speakers
  • Michael Gram-Madsen - CEO, FWU Invest S.A.

  • Nicholas Flaherty - Investment Strategist, FWU Invest S.A.

Excited? Then, watch the recording of our second webinar just right now!

You can enable subtitles in your local language directly from the YouTube menu by clicking on Settings -> Subtitles/Auto-generated -> Subtitles/Auto-translate.


For more information, check out a monthly overview of current developments in the global financial markets and the performance of our quant funds prepared by our experienced investors at FWU Invest.

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