January 18, 2022

30 min read

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FWU Investment Webinar - January 2022

Join us on the tour of the investment landscape as we provide a review of tumultuous 2021 and look forward into 2022.

These webinar series will drive you through the multifaceted world of investments and your money.

You will learn about
  • Drivers behind the surge in stocks

  • New strains of Covid-19 and what they mean for markets

  • A Chinese economic slowdown and its wider impact

  • The return of inflation

  • Impacts on the Forward Quant funds

You will meet our special speakers
  • Michael Gram-Madsen - CEO, FWU Invest S.A.

  • Nicholas Flaherty - Investment Strategist, FWU Invest S.A.

Excited? Then, watch the recording of the first webinar just right now!

For more information, check out a monthly overview of current developments in the global financial markets and the performance of our quant funds prepared by our experienced investors at FWU Invest.

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