February 24, 2023

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Investment and Life insurance

Forward You, winner of the Best Europe-wide Long-Term Savings Product Prize 2022
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Every year, the CFI.co Group honours one organisation that makes a significant contribution to the convergences of international economies.

The laureates are consistently institutions who put the interests and value of investors at the heart of everything they do.

This year, the international group Forward You was awarded the European prize for the bestlong-term savings and investment product of 2022.

Specialised in life insurance, Forward You is a human enterprise with a global impact thanks to its many branches across the various continents.

Aside from the myriad of selection criteria that are used to select the worthy winner, the CFL.co judges were particularly taken by the group’s unwavering focus on quality and reliability.

Forward You, innovative solutions that put investors’ interests first.

Ever since its inception in 1983, Forward You has distinguished itself by the positions it takes. Investors’ interests are always at the centre of any questions and the group’s concerns.

This family-owned business has made the interests of savers a priority across all its the solutions, be it IT or contractual ones. Over the years, it has also displayed no end of progressive agility.

This constant evolution has allowed it to put flexible solutions in place that can be tailored to every client profile and to every client’s budget.

Long-term investment with a guaranteed capital, investing unsecured shares, short or long-term returns.... The Forward You products serve all objectives.

So much more than a mere insurance broker, the experts who work with the group operate proactively.

Their proposals are designed to help clients invest in the long term and to secure their investments by means of carefully thought-out strategies that truly match their profile.

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International investment products tailored to each and every profile

Every contract FWU concludes contains investments that are not only tailored to a client’s investor profile but also to his expectations and plans, both in the short and in the medium term.

The company has put numerous innovative solutions in place to give its clients every chance of securing a return on their investment.

The proposals made by insurance brokers are not based on human and subjective evaluations but on accurate investment data.

The deliberations of the Forward You Group are in fact based on one of its creations: the Forward Quant algorithm.

  1. Fine-tuned by the FWU teams of experts, this algorithm paces investment decisions.

  2. It allows the group to adopt an aggressive or prudent strategy, in function of investors’ preferences and their budget.

  3. Based on past figures and constant market study, this algorithm monitors investments so that they can be modified throughout the lifetime of the contract.

It is this algorithmic basis that allows them to offer unique contracts, tailored to each client.

Risk-taking, duration of the contract, objectives to be achieved: Forward Quant takes all these factors into account to offer investors bespoke investment products.

A long-term investment group, a forerunner of innovation

What distinguishes Forward You from the other contenders for the prize of the best long-term investment at European level in 2022 is the group’s capacity to anticipate technological innovations.

FWU’s IT experts and life-insurance brokers work side by side to maximise savers’ satisfaction and optimise their investments.

FWU was also able to harness its sense of innovation during the Covid-19 health crisis.

Within the space of a few weeks, the group had its system to sign contracts online up and running to prevent that investors would be impacted by the worldwide lockdown.

Today, all paper-based contracts have been replaced by digital procedures.

This digitalisation has not only allowed Forward You to attract investors based in Munich, where its head office is situated, but also savers across Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

Aside from making life insurance available across lots of countries, FWU’s technological innovations ensure an optimum client experience.

Forward You, a group in constant expansion

Founded in 1983, Forward You is an investment group that grew to around 500 passionate members of staff.

Whether specialists in insurance or IT , they work day in day out to optimise investment solutions and maximise savers’ satisfaction. Always on the basis of the principles of transparency and performance that take precedence in the life-insurance sector.

Forward You is an international group that has managed to stay the course the human way, never losing sight of savers’ interests.